Custom solutions with RAKwireless

We are very proud to announce our partnership with the company RAKwireless.

This partnership between RAKwireless and Pilot Things stands out in the IoT world by bringing together advanced hardware technology and creative software solutions. This combination pushes IoT projects to new levels.

Together, we're creating new benchmarks for how easy, efficient, and customizable IoT setups can be, making sophisticated technology available to everyone.

Pilot Things Sensor apps + RAKwireless Sensor Hub

Pilot Things designs connected solutions composed of software applications and connected sensors. Our partnership with RAKwireless allows us to offer the best integration with their LoRaWAN gateways® but also with innovative devices such as the Sensor Hub.

The Sensor Hub by RAKwireless solves common IoT problems, like devices not working well together. It helps different sensors and devices communicate smoothly with each other, leading to a more unified and effective IoT system. This makes setting up complex IoT solutions easier and improves their ability to grow and adjust to different project needs.

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From Concept to Market: Accelerating IoT Innovation with Pilot Things and RakWireless

We can provide our customers custom devices or sensors. We can start with a proof of concept with WisBlock solutions and move forward to a commercial grade solution bundle with Pilot Things Sensor apps.

RAKwireless wants to make IoT easy (IoT Made Easy). With WisBlock, you can create LPWAN IoT systems intuitively, without soldering or gluing. The standardized modules, compatibility with Arduino libraries, and the modular approach allow for rapid development and effective customization. WisBlock simplifies hardware design, allowing you to focus on innovating and adding value to your solution.

Pilot Things has the same ambition to make IoT easy. With Device Explorer we can create a plug and play LoRaWAN IoT network and our custom sensor apps offer a solution without any IoT knowledge.

The tailor-made Sensor Apps software solution from Pilot Things combined with hardware solutions from RAKwireless make it possible to bring a complete solution to the market in less than 6 months.

We used this approach to design our solution AgriSens to meet the needs of precision agriculture.

We can now support you from end to end: from the custom sensor to the connected application.

Contact us To explore how our technology and partnership with RAKwireless can elevate your solutions.