LoRaWAN Plug and Play

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) we created the Device Explorer application to be able to use your LoRaWAN sensors as simply as possible.

With Device Explorer, connecting gateways and sensors becomes plug and play.

You can then use the decoded data in your business applications or feed your own software application.
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Follow business data from your connected objects in real time

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Choose the sensors that are right for you

We are compatible with numerous sensors and technologies.

We can help you find the best sensor to reach your goals.

See an excerpt of the available sensors

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Use cases

Eliminate manual information entry

Optimize your processes

Manual entries in your software are a waste of time and often cause errors. Moreover, this data is not real time.

Maintain your business applications

Connected sensors give you real-time data on the status of your stocks, energy consumption, the location of your vehicles... and many others.
This data allows you to optimize your operation.

Our solution integrates perfectly with your favorite business software. We're not changing your work habits and you don't need to invest in a new solution.

Map in real time

Esri is a major publisher of geographic information systems. With Sensing network, multiple use cases using maps become possible.
For cities, you can provide the occupancy rate of your parking lots or indicate the waste collection points.
You can follow the movement of your vehicles or equipment in real time.

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Analyze your data

Business intelligence software allows you to analyze large amounts of data to improve your activities.
With Sensing Network, farmers can analyze environmental data from their crops.
Warehouses can know the quantities of their stocks in real time.
We are compatible with a lot of publishers.

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Frequently asked questions

How many sensors can I connect?


You can connect as many sensors as your LoRaWAN gateways can handle. In general it is several thousand.

What sensors are supported?


We support more than 500 LoRaWAN sensors. We are adding new sensors every day. A partial list of sensors can be found here: https://www.pilot-things.com/smart-platform/sensor-library

Can I use a sensor that is not compatible?


Contact our technical support so we can add your sensor: support@pilot-things.com

Is it possible to send messages to the sensors (downlink)?


Yes, in general you can do it from the Device Explorer web interface