All the power of connected objects in a few clicks

Low code technologies make it possible to design software applications quickly.
With Power IoT you can now easily use connected objects in your applications.

Power IoT gives you superpowers

Power IoT fast Microsoft Power apps development
You build low-code IoT applications quickly
Microsoft Power apps LoRaWAN
You are an expert in connected objects
Microsoft Power apps IoT grows business
You improve the functioning of your organization


Microsoft Power Apps IoT partner
Finally a simple solution to help our Microsoft customers use connected objects!
Microsoft Power Apps IoT partner
With Power IoT server, we can use all the power of Microsoft Power Apps to build solutions.
Microsoft Power Apps IoT partner
With Power IoT server and our ValuOty service, we value the data of our Microsoft customers.

Create your first low-code IoT application

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We offer you a free test environment with software sensors so that you can create your first IoT application.

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