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The efficient management of water meters through an innovative software application represents a crucial advance in the preservation of water resources, by allowing real-time monitoring of consumption both in homes and professionals.

This technological approach contributes to raising awareness and optimizing the use of water, thus promoting sustainable and responsible use of this precious resource.

Our openness solution also makes it possible to support numerous deployment scenarios: existing meters, different brands...

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Full control

By having hourly consumption data, customers can track their water consumption more accurately and take action to save water when needed.

For example, they can identify the times of day when their water consumption is highest and take steps to reduce their water consumption during these times.

What are the benefits?



Real-time tracking

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Supports multiple meter providers

Detection of leaks, abnormal consumption...

Phone application to monitor consumption in real time

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Free network

Our solution works with LoRaWAN technology at free frequencies. You can decide to own your private network or use an existing network.

There are more than 100 compatible equipment such as valves, pressure measurement but of course water meters.

Manage your customers

You can create and manage your customers independently. You create users with different profiles and you can delegate management.

So with a unique environment you can multiply customers and revenues.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the battery last?


The battery is designed to last up to 20 years.

What temperature limits are supported?


The meters can be used both indoors and outdoors with temperatures from -30°C to +60°C.

How many meters can I use?


There is no limit in the number of meters. Do not hesitate to contact us to give you the best advice.