Sustainable city

Optimize security and
profitability of your city

The hyperconnectivity of cities is the key to becoming a more inclusive, fair and above all sustainable society. The inclusion of smart sensors in the city's multiple spheres of activity will allow the collection of data crucial to the continuous improvement of the city.

  • Adapting urban mobility according to the needs of citizens.
  • Improving air quality in the city.
  • Improving the efficiency of waste collection.
  • Optimize energy consumption on a daily basis.
  • Optimize the management of parking lots and reserved spaces.


  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity

Example of a model solution

Connected parking,
our scalable solution.

The establishment of an efficient intelligent parking system allows optimized management of reserved spaces and facilitates access to them for citizens.

The basic connected parking solution offers the detection of vacant and occupied spaces in real time and allows the collection of data to establish forecasts.

By integrating other sensors related to the basic solution, it is possible to add specific functionalities for any additional needs.

For more complex or larger projects, the basic solution can be multiplied and even combined with other solutions and sensors.