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Importing new devices

Device Explorer allows you to add new LoRaWAN objects in a very simple way. Indeed, Device Explorer includes a catalog of connected objects that contains technical characteristics and decoders. Each connected object in the catalog is referenced by an identifier called Product Id. The catalog is accessible by clicking on the catalog button.

Before you can import objects, you need the following information:

  • The ProductID of the object: it is in the catalog
  • LoRaWAN keys: DEVEUI, appID, appKey... etc
ProductID example for an Adeunis sensor

This information must be entered in the excel or csv file that will be used during the import.

An example import file is available during import step 1.

Start the import

To perform an import, click on the Import button:

The first step allows you to download the import template file.

Example of an Excel import file

Some fields are mandatory and others are optional. Mandatory fields are:

ProductID, DeveUI, Support, AppKey, NWkKey, Region

The Region Value corresponds to LoRaWAN regions: EU868, US915...

Devices creation

When the import file is filled in and selected you can click Next to go to the next step.

During this step, the import file will be analyzed. If no error is detected you can proceed with the import.

At this stage, the Devices will be registered by default on the Device Explorer integrated Network Server. This option should not be changed.

By clicking Next, the connected objects are imported into Device Explorer.