Pilot Thing’s Open Street Gateway selected as Agile IoT project

December 19, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Pilot Thing’s Open Street Gateway project has been selected among 56 European competitors !

The project will leverage Pilot Things smart IoT network technology and Agile IoT open gateway to get the first smart city open street gateway.

A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection and sensors to supply information used to manage assets and resources efficiently (source Wikipedia). The major cities in the world that aim to become smart cities have dressed up a master plan that includes technical and functional aspects. One common need is to build a common network infrastructure to support all kind of sensors.

The Open Street Gateway consists of an Agile IoT hardware with a Pilot Things oneM2M agent in it. The gateway would benefit Pilot Things advantages:

  • Build a smart IoT network in a few clicks thus reducing complexity,
  • Connect many types of sensors regardless of protocol,
  • Make IoT Sensor “Plug and play” by automatically retrieving measures regardless of sensor type,
  • Build scenarios and raise alerts,
  • Deploy Edge computing features.

Street lighting is a first and major use case for the Open Street Gateway.

We strongly believe that Agile IoT gateway objectives of openness, versatility and strong community are key for city prototyping new innovative solutions.

Contact us if you plan to deploy a street lighting system or test innovative use cases in your city : contact@pilot-things.com


Detailed results of the open call here http://agile-iot.eu/2017/12/15/announcing-the-8-winners-of-the-agile-iot-open-call-1/

About Agile IoT gateway project: http://agile-iot.eu/about/

About oneM2M worldwide standard: http://www.onem2m.org/