Object Designer

You have a connected object that can have multiple uses when connected to Pilot Things.

Application editor

Your application can process data from connected objects and meet a business need.

Service Provider

You want to offer value-added services using Pilot Things.


SmartObjects is a SaaS solution for connected product manufacturers to ingest, enrich and analyze their object data. mnubo’s SaaS offering benefits customers in consumer, enterprise and industrial verticals – and analyzes billions of IoT data points every year !
Expert designer and manufacturer of radio communication systems since 1992: radio modems, RF modules, radio frequency studies. ATIM is the leader in radio transmission and supports its clients from writing the specifications to the final industrialization. Our business is the heart and RF electronic cards design and systems incorporating techno “wireless” RF (radio frequency). ATIM is precursor on connected systems (LPWAN networks), especially with the very first applications connected SigFox
Cassia develops new IoT products for enterprise applications. These products include enterprise-level Bluetooth routers, an IoT Access Controller and a developer SDK that solves many of the challenges of enterprise adoption and IoT development. Cassia Network supports Bluetooth as the ubiquitous wireless technology. In doing so, the company solves two of the most fundamental barriers to entry into the IoT market: the cost and difficulty of deploying large-scale IoT environments that work.
Founding member of Lora Alliance, Kerlink develops IoT networking solutions to link fixed and mobile equipment with enterprise information systems. The solutions make it possible to better manage the parks and maintain the remote equipment.
Founding member of the LoRa Alliance and the leading operator of a LoRa® network in France, Objenious, a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom, supports companies in this profound upheaval. From the choice of sensors to the secure network, via the processing platform, to business applications. The network covers 93% of the population and 84% of the outdoor area, ie more than 30 000 communes. With more than 4000 antennas deployed the network also offers indoor and deep indoor coverage in urban areas.This national network benefits from the advantages for communication of connected objects (reduced costs, security, bidirectionality, geolocation, long range, great autonomy, mobility, …).And it ensures the continuity of the service abroad, of the roaming agreements are negotiated with the operators members of the Alliance LoRa.
Sierra Wireless is a designer and a multinational manufacturer of wireless communications equipment. These are mobile devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication products that operate on cellular networks. It also manufactures 2G, 3G and 4G mobile broadband modems, routers and gateways, as well as software, tools and services. Sierra Wireless products and technologies are used in a variety of markets and industries, including automotive and transportation, energy, field service, healthcare, industry and infrastructure, IT Mobile and consumer, networks, sales and payments and security.
Trend is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building management systems. Trend develops ideal products for intelligent building management systems. Trend’s integrated control solutions meet the most complex needs of new buildings. By managing and rigorously controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, Trend systems reduce energy consumption while at the same time guaranteeing satisfactory levels of comfort. These systems offer other advantages, in particular the maintenance costs of the reduced installations. Trend systems equip a wide range of non-residential facilities, from schools to hospitals to recreation facilities, offices, stores and factories.