Pilot Things beta phase launching at ETSI (Sophia Antipolis, France)

November 14, 2016


Pilot Things the IoT private network is now in beta phase

November 15-17th at Sophia Antipolis, France – SRC solution today announced at ETSI headquarters the beginning of Pilot Things software beta phase.

The Beta is open to all companies facing IoT interoperability complexity and/or vendor locking. It aims to demonstrate how Pilot Things enables measure collection but also business process between legacy fieldbus sensors and all new kind of things connected with different technologies (like LoRA, SIGFOX, cellular…).

To apply to the free beta, simply register on www.pilot-things.com and explain your challenge(s).

OneM2M standard compliancy

Pilot Things is oneM2M R2 compliant and thus protects customer investment on IoT thanks to its interoperability features within its IoT private network.

oneM2M R2 introduces 14 additional specifications for the expansion of seamless IoT interconnectivity across multiple sectors, including automotive, healthcare, smart homes and smart cities, and builds upon the stability and reliability of the oneM2M standards previously introduced in Release 1. For more information on oneM2M see www.onem2m.org

About SRC solution


SRC solution is an IT company with two mains activities: consulting and software vendor, focusing on telecommunications interoperability and systems security.

SRC solution is based in Toulouse, France with an office in Montreal, Canada.

For more information see www.src-solution.com

Pilot Things is the IoT private network software based on the collaboration with LAAS laboratory, part of French CNRS.

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Contact : SRC solution, Eric Szymkowiak, es@src-solution.com